Shandong Weifang Microwave Water Retention Agent Drying Equipment

The water-retaining agent equipment of Weifang customers in Shandong province is 38 meters long and 1.85 meters wide. The current power is 100KW, but the whole equipment is designed according to 150KW power, convenient for later equipment upgrading.

water retaining agent equipmen water retaining agent equipmen

The water-retaining agent’s initial moisture is about 20%, and the client’s process requires drying to about 7%-8%.

The water-retaining agent is dried and then granular through a granulator.

The drying temperature of the product should not be too high, so the equipment design is longer than the conventional equipment. The temperature should be controlled, which is similar to the microwave sterilization equipment.

water retaining agent equipmen water retaining agent equipmen

In the drying process, the drying and dehydration efficiency is generally at a temperature of about 80 degrees, which basically conforms to the dehydration law of 1KW microwave magnetron tube dewatering 1kg per hour.

water retaining agent equipmen

The water-retaining agent is similar to organic fertilizer. The water-retaining agent uses super-absorbent resin, which is a kind of functional polymer material with strong water-absorbing capacity. The biggest feature is that the water retention effect is very good. According to its technical requirements, 1 gram of water-retaining agent can absorb 300 grams of water suitable for nurseries planting crops and trees in arid areas of northern or northwestern China, such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet. In the planting process, the water retainer is put into the ground and then flooded with water. The water retainer absorbs water and does not require irrigation for a year. The water retainer then slowly evaporates the water, which contains a special type of organic fertilizer that promotes plant growth.

The water-retaining agent is insoluble in water and has the function of water-retaining, fertilizer preserving, and heat preservation improving soil structure.