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Microwave Vacuum Equipment Mechanical Overview:

capacity500KG/ h
dominant power15kw
certificationCE / ISO / SGS

Microwave vacuum machinery is a new type of microwave energy application equipment that combines microwave energy technology with vacuum technology. It has a series of advantages of microwave and vacuum drying and overcomes the disadvantages of conventional processing techniques such as long cycle and low efficiency. The working efficiency is 4~10 times higher than the conventional method.

The advantage of Microwave vacuum equipment product:

1. Various parameters can be adjusted to meet the needs of a variety of production, a multi-purpose machine, and saving costs.

2. Each system cooperates closely, the design is reasonable, the operation is smooth.

3. There is no wastewater, waste gas, and other harmful substances produced in operation, clean, hygienic, and environmentally friendly.

4. In line with national standards, wearing parts use ultra-durable materials, long service life, low maintenance.

Leader Microwave Equipment has a full specification of a high-quality microwave vacuum device,can meet the different requirements of customers. In addition, our vacuum equipment is widely used in various materials. Therefore, it is very suitable for investment in many parts of the world. It presents lucrative business opportunities. Welcome to contact us!

As one of the leading microwave vacuum machines, manufacturers, Leader Microwave Equipment has developed a variety of hot-selling microwave vacuum equipment. The following are more parameters for your reference.

12kw Microwave sterilizer
30kw Microwave sterilizer
50kw Microwave sterilizer
Customized microwave sterilization equipment

Microwave vacuum equipment technical data:

food intake per hour500kg0.8-1t1.5-2t2.5-3t
total power40kw/h55kw/h60kw/h72kw/h
occupied area(L * W * H)30*15*7m35 * 15 *7m45 * 15 *10m50 * 15 *10m
lifetime5-8 years old
operating methodscontinue
energyelectrical energy

Microwave vacuum equipment part of the final product display:

field crop
tea leaf
The cornflour

Leader Microwave Equipment’s Microwave vacuum Equipment mainly includes microwave vacuum drying equipment and microwave sterilizing equipment. If you would like more information, please contact us!

Security Design

1. PLC control system can be designed according to customer requirements, the operator and the machine separate, to achieve automatic production.

2. Microwave vacuum equipment is equipped with a 304 stainless steel shell (protective shell), effectively protect the safety of operators.

3. The power supply section has a standardized control system to ensure safety.

4. It equipped with a sealing system; microwave leakage is far lower than the national safety standards to ensure a clean environment and production safety.

Cost estimation of microwave vacuum equipment

The cost of microwave vacuum equipment is the first concern of investors. Therefore, we hope to briefly analyze the cost of microwave vacuum equipment based on our successful cases and market research. In general, we should consider many aspects, including microwave vacuum equipment costs, plant and construction costs, operating costs, installation and maintenance costs, etc.

1.Vacuum machine price

First, the vacuum equipment itself will contribute most of the cost. In addition, the price of microwave vacuum equipment often varies with the working method and capacity. Usually, the higher the level of automation or capacity, the higher the price.

2.Space and construction costs

When you plan to purchase microwave vacuum equipment, you need to find a suitable site. To reduce the cost, you’d better choose a remote area with convenient transportation. In addition, you need to build some construction works. Our engineers will design the factory layout according to your actual situation to make full and reasonable use of your space.

3.Operating cost

Of course, you need energy and workers to run a microwave vacuum. Our equipment uses very little electricity. In this way, you can save some fuel costs. Another part of the operating cost is labor input. In general, vacuum microwave equipment is simple and safe to operate. Several workers can run smoothly.

4. Installation and maintenance costs

When you are looking for microwave vacuum equipment for sale, you should pay attention to installation and maintenance services. In general, our engineers will be on-site to assist with the installation and commissioning of the basic construction work.

According to statistics, our equipment usually can work for 5 to 8 years. In the service life, we will provide after-sales tracking service, regular return visits, and product update services. Besides, we offer a one-year free warranty on our vacuum equipment. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

To be honest, microwave vacuum equipment costs more than traditional machines. But it remains increasingly popular with investors. Over the years, Leader Microwave Equipment has helped install and operate Microwave vacuum Equipment in factories around the world, including Japan, South Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Dominica, Romania, Hungary, Brazil, Nigeria, South Korea, and more.

Why is Leader Microwave Equipment’s Microwave vacuum Equipment proving so popular?

Because microwave vacuum systems are profitable. First of all, as an emerging technology, it has support from various countries’ governments because its environmental protection design has apparent effects. It will be beneficial to the environment. Secondly, our microwave vacuum equipment is multi-functional. Abundant raw materials, low price, widely used. Therefore, investing in microwave vacuum equipment will bring you huge profits.

Microwave vacuum equipment has proved to be very promising. You can obtain all kinds of high-quality final products after processing, which will bring you rich profits. Besides selling quality vacuum equipment, Leader Microwave Equipment can also offer you the most cost-effective business plans and complete services.
We look forward to your consultation and on-site visit!