Microwave Vacuum Dewatering Machine

Along with the progress of the times, all walks of life are booming, and more and more processing enterprises need to use the microwave vacuum dewatering machine in the processing of some materials. The microwave vacuum dewatering machine adopts the microwave as the energy source, and the material is dried, heated, cooked, disinfected, unfrozen, dehydrated and inactivated. Is widely used in the food and beverage industry, the catering service industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the building material industry and the wood material processing industry and the like.

  Microwave dewatering machine

Compared with the traditional equipment, the microwave vacuum dewatering machine made by Leader Microwave Equipment Company has the advantages of high dehydration speed, uniform heating, high energy efficiency, good environmental protection, safe and harmless, small occupied area and the like. The appearance of it meets the demand of the processing enterprises, and conforms to the development of the times and brings many convenience and economic benefits to the customers.

  1. The dehydrator has the functions of drying, heating, cooking, sterilization, thawing, dehydration, inactivation and so on.
  2. PLCautomatic or button control system, vacuum dehydrator supports data preservation, output and printing.
  3. The power of microwave vacuum dehydration equipment can be adjusted stepless, the temperature and humidity chain can be controlled intelligently, and the speed can be adjusted.
  4. The machine size can be adjusted according to the user workshop area to achieve rapid and continuous production, uniform and thorough.
  5. Perfect mechatronics design, can monitor multiple sensors in real time, safe and reliable.
  6. Microwave vacuum dehydration machine uses food-grade materials, which can monitor, quantify and control the production.

Thai customers visit

The microwave dehydration equipment of the company not only has a good reputation in the country, but also is very popular in the world. Our customers come from the world, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan and other countries to visit and carry out the experiment. It also knows other equipment of the company, such as the seafood microwave thawing machine, the grain microwave drier, the microwave wood drying machine and the like.

Technical parameters of microwave vacuum dehydrator:




Working power



Input power





脱水水平dewatering level kg/h



disinfection capacity



The working principle of microwave vacuum dehydrator:

The microwave generator generates microwaves during the operation of the equipment. The material enters the heating chamber through the conveyor. At this time, the water and bacteria in the material in the material are evaporated under the action of microwave energy to reach the purpose of drying, sterilizing, curing and dehydrating.

evaporate vegetables

Application of microwave vacuum dehydrator:

  1. Chemical raw materials, pills or pills, such as water pills, honey pills, etc.
  2. All kinds of tea, grass, flowers, green leaves, etc.
  3. All kinds of dried meat, such as beef, pork, chicken, duck, fish, etc.
  4. Powder used in various materials, such as spices and other food additives.
  5. Agricultural products, such as dates, nuts, cereals, peanuts, etc.
  6. Casual food, fruit seeds, cereals, peanuts, potato chips, etc.

Our service

  1. Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale consulting services.
  2. Project planning and design services.
  3. Debug the equipment until everything is fine.
  4. Train equipment maintenance and personal operation.
  5. Provide 1 year complete warranty and lifelong maintenance service.

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