Microwave Sterilization Equipment For Sausage

As a kind of consumer goods, sausage can be seen everywhere. Little sausage, big energy. There are many types of sausage, there are many ways to eat it, it can be as a table food, or added to the meal, or boiled in porridge, and also as a casual snack, it has become very popular food.


One sausage, delicious, tempting people’s taste buds. But to eat at ease, also depends on the processing of their sterilization is thorough. Food processing plants should be cautious when choosing their sterilization equipment. Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave sterilization equipment for sausages must be worth buying.

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for sausage

  1. Microwave sterilization is a new technology with high efficiency, energy saving, stability, reliability, simple equipment and convenient operation.
  2. The characteristics of microwave sterilization machineare continuous production of equipment, only need electricity, do not need other energy, can quickly kill the bacteria in the material.
  3. The microwave sterilization equipment for sausageoccupies a small area, is pollution-free, simple to operate, does not need preheating and there is no energy consumption phenomenon after shutdown.
  4. Simple operation, less labor, high product quality,microwave sterilization equipment advanced degree is high, and is a high-tech products that other equipment can not be replaced by a high-tech products.
  5. The microwave sterilizer for sausagesterilizes evenly and thoroughly, and there will be no new bacteria, and the product quality is guaranteed, safe and pollution-free.

 Microwave sterilization equipment for sausage

Working principle of microwave sterilization equipment for sausage

Microwave sterilization is the result of combined action of thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic field. The thermal effect of microwave on bacteria is to denaturate protein and cause the bacteria to lose nutrition, reproduction and living conditions and die. The biological effect of microwave on bacteria is that the microwave electric field changes the permeability of the cell membrane cross section. As a result, bacteria are malnourished, unable to metabolize normally, their structure and function are confused, and their growth and development are inhibited and die. In addition, the nucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which determine the normal growth and stable genetic reproduction of bacteria, are relaxed, broken and recombined by several hydrogen bonds, thus inducing genetic gene mutations, or chromosomal aberrations, or even broken, to achieve a good bactericidal effect.

schematic diagram

The emergence of microwave technology has brought new opportunities for the development of the times. Microwave wood dryer, microwave vacuum drying equipment and industrial microwave defrosting equipment have brought convenience to life. Sausage microwave sterilization machine in the microwave industry has also established a firm foothold, their advantages are other sterilization methods incomparable, sterilization effect is absolutely satisfactory.

Technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for sausage

ModelInput power(kw)Output power(kw)Sterilization






DL-1001510100-1200-51300 * 1170 * 2000
DL-2003020180-2000-51500 * 1170 * 2000
DL-3004530250-3000-510100 * 960 * 2000
DL-4008460500-6000-513100 * 1300 * 2000
DL-500160100≥ 10000-518000 * 12000 * 2000

The emergence of microwave sterilization equipment for sausage conforms to the requirements of the times, meets the needs of food processors, brings a lot of convenience and economic benefits, also let consumers eat at ease, no longer worry about food safety issues, is the only choice of food processing plants. The effect is good or not, used and know, assure won’t let you regret.