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Microwave extraction refers to the technology and method of extracting various chemical components from plants, minerals, and animal tissues in a microwave reactor with appropriate solvents. This industrial microwave equipment is your trusted microwave extraction equipment based on production efficiency and output.

Our Leader machinery can provide you with high quality, competitive price, and perfect service. Leader machinery has mastered the advanced technology of manufacturing machines. Over the years, we have focused on researching and developing microwave extraction equipment, microwave drying equipment, and other microwave machinery. At the same time, we can adjust and change the original design to meet the different needs of customers.

Advantages and features of microwave extraction equipment:

  • 1. High extraction quality. It is beneficial to polar and thermal unstable compounds, avoiding thermal decomposition caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. It can effectively protect functional components in food, medicine, and other chemical materials;
  • 2. It has high selectivity to extractant, extractant with high purity and high extraction rate;
  • 3. Energy-efficient.The reaction separation speed is fast, can save more than 50% time;
  • 4. Less solvent, more than 50% less extraction solvent than conventional methods;
  • 5. Green environmental protection, safety, and health, no “three waste” generate;
  • 6. It has advanced technology, simple production equipment, it is easy to control and could save investment.

As a professional microwave equipment manufacturer, our microwave extraction machinery and microwave vacuum equipment has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, and so on, and received good reputation.


No matter in the equipment or the configuration of the whole part, the company chooses international and domestic famous brand accessories to ensure the quality and the safety of use. Because of this, we are one of the world’s best manufacturers of microwave extraction machinery.

Microwave extractors are also divided into vegetable microwave extractors, food microwave extractors, chemical microwave extractors. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our high-quality products, if you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us!

10kw Microwave extraction equipment
20kw Microwave extraction equipment
30kw Microwave extraction equipment
Higher power microwave extraction equipment can be customized

Product specification:

Microwave extraction equipment
Microwave frequency915±25MHz
Microwave powerAbove 20kw-200kw(continuously adjustable)
Transfer speed0.1~3m/min frequency
Microwave leakage≤5mw/cm2(GB5959.6-87)
Extraction quantity0.5~1.0T/ h
Hourly capacity5 to 7 T
External dimensions of equipmentLength x width x height 8000×5000×2300(mm)(customizable)
Control modeTouch screen、PLC control

Why is microwave extraction equipment worth buying and using?

Wide application: Extraction processing can be used in food, medicine, macromolecule, and so on. Microwave extraction machinery can not only be used for drying and dehydration, but also for low-temperature drying and sterilization. So choosing a microwave extractor can meet any of your needs.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The opening of the whole microwave extraction machine only needs water and electricity, and there is no wastewater or gas in the extraction process. According to your local resources and environmental requirements, choosing the right extraction equipment is more in line with the national environmental requirements. If you need to buy extraction equipment, the first choice must be microwave extraction machinery.

When purchasing machinery equipment, please choose the machinery manufacturer with the best quality, easy operation, environmental protection, and energy-saving.

Industrial microwave Equipment has been sold worldwide for many years, and many loyal customers inspected for you, you can buy it without worry. Before and after the purchase, we will provide you with a variety of free consulting services and tailor the plant design for you according to equipment and site conditions.