Microwave drying equipment for melon seeds

Everyone should have eaten sunflower seeds, be free, and at leisure take a handful, slowly taste. Sunflower shell salty flavor, there is a little sour feeling, endless aftertaste. Sunflower seeds inside the kernel are crisp and white and fragrant. Put sunflower seeds in the middle of the upper and lower teeth gently a crack, immediately can taste the kernel, filled with the taste of happiness!

Seeds, such as sunflower seeds, freshwater clam, snake gourd seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, cucumber seeds, silk melon seeds, etc. can all be consumed after processing. There is a link in the production process of melon seeds: to dry, hot air drying, infrared drying, and other traditional drying methods. There is a more popular melon seeds microwave dryer new energy equipment. Today we take a look at the benefits of Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s melon seed microwave drying machine in the melon seed production process.

Advantages of microwave drying equipment for melon seeds

  1. Easy installation

Easy to install and disassemble, occupy a small area, can be installed indoor and outdoor.

  1. Efficient and environmental protection

A small amount of electricity consumption, melon seed microwave drying machine can absorb a lot of heat in the air, electricity consumption is only electric heater 1/3-1/4. Compared with coal, oil, and gas water heaters, about 75% of operating costs can be saved.

  1. Environmental protection and no pollution

Melon seeds microwave drying machine is a kind of environmental protection energy-saving drying equipment that does not produce any harmful substances in the drying process. Does not produce smoke or flame. Temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to the characteristics of drying materials. Highly intelligent, with no combustion and no emission, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

  1. Safe and reliable operation

The operation of the whole system is free of inflammable, explosive, toxic, short circuits, and other hazards in traditional dryers. The microwave drying device for melon seeds is a safe and reliable semi-closed drying system.

  1. Long service life, low maintenance cost

It is developed based on traditional air-conditioning technology, mature technology, stable and reliable performance, and long service life. Safe and reliable operation, automatic non-manual operation, intelligent control.

  1. Comfortable and convenient, automatic and intelligent

It is controlled by microcomputer high intelligence, temperature and moderate control of the relatively accurate. The microwave drying equipment of melon seeds is equipped with an automatic thermostat convenient and comfortably operated and 24 hours of continuous drying. In the whole melon seed, use a heat pump dryer to save energy, save labor, save manual, no need for manual turnover and guard.

  1. Wide range, not affected by the climate

Melon seed microwave drying equipment can be widely used in food, chemical industry, medicine, paper products, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products processing, and other industries of heating drying operations.

Microwave drying equipment for melon seeds

The microwave drying equipment of melon seeds is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving drying equipment. After drying, the melon seeds taste moisten cotton, crisp and fragrant, its appearance is gorgeous, and the seed kernel is full. Simultaneously, the high degree of automation of the equipment, no need for special care, the melon seed drying process by intelligent control, save a lot of labor costs. Besides, in the microwave industry, there are microwave drying equipment for vegetables, microwave drying equipment for ceramics, microwave drying equipment for sweet potatoes, and other dry microwave drying equipment also have their unique development advantages.

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for melon seeds

The traditional method of heat drying involves a heat source transferring heat from the outside to the inside of the seed, causing the moisture to evaporate. The initial impetus for energy transfer is the temperature gradient. However, microwave heating does not require any heat conduction process and directly transfers energy to molecules or atoms through the dielectric loss of microwave in melon seeds. This unique in-situ energy transfer mode is different from the traditional heat transfer mode, which is conducive to improving the chemical diffusion process and chemical reaction rate.

schematic diagram

In the past, the way of drying melon seeds was more traditional, and the flavor of each family could not be unified. Meanwhile, due to the vast market demand for melon seeds, low-efficiency electric heating, or boiler drying is difficult to meet the production. With the development of science and technology, the melon seed microwave drying equipment with high technical content will gradually replace the traditional drying method in the past, which is an inevitable trend in the future!