Iran Vacuum Microwave Drying Equipment case

The customer’s raw material is saffron. The essential requirement is that the freshwater content should be about 85%, and the dried water content should be about 9% after drying. About 76% of the water should be removed. Due to the small output of customers, only 15 kg per hour of wet material production requirements. Since saffron is a valuable medicinal ingredient, the client rejected the idea of a hot air circulation oven. Therefore, we recommend a vacuum microwave box dryer to the customer. Because vacuum microwave dryer is more efficient than general microwave equipment, basically 1KW magnetron can dry 1.2kg of water per hour. So we recommended a 10KW microwave dryer to the customer.

vacuum microwave drying equipment vacuum microwave drying equipment

The basic parameters of 10KW vacuum microwave drying box



Three-phase five-wire 380V±5% 50Hz±1%
THE SIZEL*W*H*1500*1000*1800(mm)
Microwave active region800 mm in diameter and 800 mm in depth
Control modePLC control Full Intelligent Mode
Tray size580*150*50mm
Transmission Power1.1KW Frequency Control
Quantity of tray5 groups


-10-40℃Relative humidity≤80%
WORKSHOP ENVIRONMENTCorrosive gas, conductive dust, and explosive gas are forbidden in the environment


Top feed
THE MEASUREMENT RANGE AND ACCURACY.0-300℃ is controllable adjustableNon-contact far-infrared

(1 set)



On the basis of international standards,<2mW/cm²,


GB 5226.1-2008 Mechanical and electrical safety machinery and electrical equipment first parts: General technical conditions

vacuum microwave drying equipment vacuum microwave drying equipment

The customer has been concerned about whether the vacuum microwave drying equipment can be continuous. First of all, we have communicated with the customer that the customer’s output is small, and the continuous type is unnecessary. At the same time, since the customer’s raw material is solid and vacuum is in the state of negative pressure, it is technically difficult to achieve continuous production. For general liquids, a vacuum microwave can be made into continuous production.

In the later communication with the customer, the output of 25 kg per hour was proposed, which recommended a 20KW microwave vacuum drying equipment with a size of 2800*1400*1700(mm).

When it comes to quotations, the client requested CIF. Tehran. However, after communicating with the forwarder, we found that due to the current tense international environment, I could only reach BANDAR ABBAS port. Therefore, the client can choose two projects: CIF BANDAR ABBAS and FOB Qingdao.

At the same time, the client is provided with a closed cooling tower to cool the equipment’s water circulation and spare parts. The client is satisfied with this arrangement.