Inner Mongolia customer baking ripening experiment

Sun, from Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia, grows purple kidney beans in large quantities. Due to the good yield, sun plans to conduct further processing of purple kidney bean. The preliminary idea is to grind it after baking or as one of the raw materials for instant eight treasure gruel.

microwave curing and baking equipment

Because microwave curing and baking equipment do not need the heating process of heat conduction, so the heating and baking time is very fast. The microwave acts on both the inside and outside of the material. The high-frequency oscillation of water molecules and materials increases rapidly, which promotes its maturation. Microwave baking is widely used in the baking of whole grains, such as the ripening of soybeans. In addition to the basic ripening functions, the microwave equipment can also effectively remove the smell of soybean, which is more conducive to further processing.

microwave curing and baking equipment microwave curing and baking equipment

The roasting and ripening of purple-colored kidney bean are of low technical difficulty. Because this product material itself moisture content is not high, baking material uniformity is an important issue. This needs to be later in the design of equipment to add a unique design. It can maintain the uniformity of the materials in the middle and both sides of the conveyor belt during the baking process.

In the actual test, microwave baking and curing temperature are generally above 100 degrees. In particular, the baking of whole grains should reach more than 110 degrees. So we tested them at 110 degrees,120 degrees,130 degrees, and then sampled them for vacuum packing. After sampling, express delivery will be sent to the customer to see which baking degree can meet the customer’s technical requirements and then continue to negotiate the next specific plan.

microwave curing and baking equipment  microwave curing and baking equipment