Industrial Sterilization Equipment

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Industrial sterilization equipment is used for sterilization of food, drugs, chemicals, and other product. Compared with traditional mechanical equipment, the biggest highlight of industrial sterilization equipment is that it does not need professional control and can automatically complete the work in the whole sterilization process. Of course, high productivity is the machine’s biggest advantage. Therefore, it is favored by customers all over the world.

Industrial sterilization equipment

Industrial sterilization is one of the most important solutions to achieve insecticidal sterilization and preservation of food, and industrial sterilization equipment appears over time. The Leader is one of the world’s leading microwave equipment manufacturers. This equipment is our key product. We have sold this machine to every region for ten years through our efforts.

Why is industrial sterilization necessary?

Because the food is easy to pollute in the production, the preservation, transportation, and the sale process. High temperature, drying, freezing, preservative, and other conventional technologies are usually used to achieve the insecticidal sterilization and preservation of food. Still, the traditional sterilization methods often affect the original flavor and nutrition of food.

Therefore, the industrial sterilizer can change this drawback, is a very promising high-tech technology.

What are the advantages of industrial sterilization equipment worth choosing?

  • 1. Our industrial sterilization machinery can sterilize at low temperature and maintain the nutrition, traditional flavor of materials.
  • 2. The microwave processing time is greatly shortened, with the characteristics of short time and fast speed.
  • 3. Of course, our Leader company guarantees that the industrial sterilizer is directly used for food without additional heat loss, which saves energy to the greatest extent.
  • 4. The equipment is flexible and easy to control.
  • 5. Whether it is industrial sterilizer or other microwave extraction equipment to ensure that the equipment is simple, do not need a boiler, complex pipeline system, as long as the basic conditions of water, electricity can be.
  • 6. Improving working conditions and saving land.

Product specification:

Automatic levelSelf-motionGuarantee1 Year
Production capacity500 kilogram/hourAfter-sales serviceField installation,debugging and training
HeadstreamChinese MainlandProduct nameIndustrial sterilization equipment
BrandLDControl SystemPLC
ModelLD – 60KWVHeadstreamJinan – Shandong – China
Voltage220V〜380Vcapacity600〜750 kilogram/ h
Size(L*W*H)12860 * 1060 *1750 mmFunctionSterilization
Weight2TAfter-sales serviceField installation, commissioning and tracking

Our Leader Microwave Equipment, one of the professional Microwave Equipment manufacturers, can supply different power models just to suit your requirements. This microwave industrial sterilization equipment is of high quality, and the price is favorable. If you are interested in our machine, please leave us a message.

10kw Microwave sterilization equipment
20kw Microwave sterilization Equipment
30kw Microwave sterilization Equipment
Higher power can be customized

Our Industrial microwave Equipment has been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria and etc. Received wide acclaim. Many manufacturers that have scaled up still choose our equipment. We feel incredibly honored and motivated at the same time.

The company will continue to implement the policy of continuous improvement of technology, improve product quality, to provide more refined machinery and more thoughtful service for the majority of friends! If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

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Why chose Industrial microwave Equipment?

Our equipment is of good quality, easy to use, green and environmentally friendly, and thoughtful after-sales service. Over the years, our equipment has been exported to all over the world, and many loyal customers have come to visit and order.

Before the purchase, we will provide consulting services for free. When you buy our products, we will be free for you to debug and install. After the purchase, we will still be time for you to answer questions, if necessary, on-site maintenance and testing will be provided. The tradition of regular return visits has also been well received. If you want to buy our industrial sterilizer or microwave dewatering equipment, please contact us.