Industrial Sterilization Equipment to Help the Cause to the Peak

China is a big industrial country, especially in recent years. The progress of science and technology has led to the development of the industry. Many new industries have been emerging, which has also led to the development of high-tech equipment. Many industries need to use sterilization equipment. Therefore, advanced high-tech equipment – industrial sterilization equipment appeared.

As shown in the picture, this is the industrial sterilization equipment produced by the Leader Microwave Equipment Company. Compared with other sterilization methods, this device has many advantages, after use, it can really achieve a more ideal sterilization effect, and their price is reasonable, excellent performance, worth having.

Advantages of industrial sterilization equipment

  1. Uniform and complete sterilization

The industrial sterilization equipment has the characteristic of selective heating, which can achieve the purpose of uniform heating and sterilization.

  1. Short time, high efficiency

The industrial sterilizer is a process that makes the heated object become the heating body without heat conduction. It penetrates the object interior and exterior from all directions at the same time, causes the object to achieve the sterilization effect in a very short time, greatly shortens the sterilization time.

  1. Easy to control, advanced technology

Compared with the conventional method, the industrial sterilizer is ready to use, with no thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation; Power-adjustable, transmission speed adjustable. In the sterilization process, there is no wastewater, waste gas, or waste residue, It is a safe and harmless high-tech equipment.

  1. Good sterilization effect

The practice has proved that the use of industrial sterilization machine sterilization generally at 70℃ can kill all escherichia Coli, the total number of bacteria in 80 ~ 90℃ greatly reduced, the time is only 2 ~ 8 minutes. Fast speed, short time, good effect.

  1. Extended shelf life

Sterilizing thoroughly, the material processed by industrial sterilizing machines can extend the shelf life of half a year, which has a remarkable effect on improving product quality and prolonging storage.

Technical parameters of industrial sterilization equipment

Internal diameter(mm)700900100012001300
Total volume(m30.31.352.54.56.5
Equipment thickness(mm)44455
Installed power(kw)6791111
Design temperature(℃)140140150150150

Working principle of industrial sterilizing equipment

Microwaves can penetrate the interior of materials at a frequency of 2450MHz, oscillating at 2.450 billion times per second to kill bacteria through special thermal and non-thermal effects. Compared with conventional thermal sterilization, microwave sterilization equipment can achieve the desired good sterilization effect at a relatively low temperature and a short time and achieve rapid, uniform, and thorough sterilization.

Application of industrial sterilizing equipment

  1. Used for all kinds of food, agricultural products, seafood, etc.
  2. Used for drying and sterilization of wood and other industrial industries.
  3. Used for the drying of medicine insecticide and sterilization(in bulk, bottle, bag, flake, powder, etc.).
  4. Sterilize bottled drinks, vacuum-packed peanuts, chicken legs, chicken wings, dried pork, dried bean curd, nuts, chili sauce, etc.

Microwave-sterilized nuts and drinks

In comparison, Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s industrial sterilization equipment is much better than other equipment. Besides, their microwave food defrosting machine, microwave vacuum drying equipment, microwave vacuum dehydrator, and a series of equipment in the same industry are in a leading position.

Their industrial sterilization equipment is really worth the money, inexpensive and fine. There is a very good service, choose such a device, to help you cause brilliant, toward the peak!