Industrial Microwave

Industrial microwave equipment applies the properties of microwaves to industry, making it becomes a streamlined operation serving for industrial production.

Microwave heating has the characteristics of fast heating speed, low heat loss, and convenient operation. It cannot only shorten the processing time, increase productivity, and reduce cost, but also improve product quality.

Industrial microwave equipment

1. The advantages of Industrial microwave equipment :

Industrial microwave equipment heated evenly and fast   

The general heating method is based on heating the surroundings, making the surface of an object be heated first through thermal radiation or convection of hot air. Then heat can be transferred through a thermal conductor to the interior of the object. It needs a long time and low efficiency.

In contrast, the microwave is generated from the inside of the object. The object can be heated evenly because the heat source comes from the interior. The phenomenon of “the outside is ripe, but the inside is not “won’t happen. Because of heating inside and outside of the object simultaneously, heating time is shortened, and the heating efficiency is improved, which is good for improving product quality.

2. Industrial microwave equipment with selective heating

There’s a close relationship between wastage of heated object and heat quantity of microwave heating. The dielectric constant of different kinds of medium is between 0.0001-0.5. So there’s a big difference between objects’ microwave absorbing ability. Usually, the bigger the dielectric constant, the easier to heat by microwave. If the dielectric constant is too small, the medium is difficult to heat by microwave.

3. Industrial microwave equipment can be controlled in time and react sensitively

The regular heating method, like steam heating, electric heating, infrared heating, etc., needs a certain time to arrive at a  certain temperature. When it goes wrong or stops, temperature drops also need a long time. Microwave heating can adjust the microwave power to needed value in seconds, and then heat it to the appropriate temperature, making it convenient for automatic and continuous production.

4. Industrial microwave equipment with a strong field of high temperature

The microwave power absorbed per unit volume in the medium is proportional to the square of the electric field intensity. The workpiece can be raised to the required processing temperature in a very short time at a very high field strength. Strong field high temperatures can also give sterilized effects without the influence of the product quality.

5. Microwave heating with strong penetrating power

The penetration depth and wavelength of electromagnetic waves are of the same order of magnitude. In addition to larger objects, it is generally possible to heat the exterior and interior together.

The far-infrared heating has a long wavelength, and the penetration ability during heating is poor. Under the far-infrared illumination, only a thin layer of the object generates heat. The heat is mainly conducted on the inside, so the heating time is long, and the heating result is uneven.

6. Industrial microwave equipment is clean and without pollution

Normally, industrial heating equipment has a big size and cover a large area. The surrounding temperature is high, so the operators had to endure terrible working conditions and great intensity. However, microwave heating equipment can totally solve that problem  with a small size and comfortable temperature around, which improve working condition effectively.

Industrial microwave equipment

Industrial microwave equipment applications:

  1. Insecticide and mold removal of high moisture viscous materials.
  2. Insecticide, drying and mildew treatment of foods, medicines, and medical supplies.
  3. Water-removing and improve the fragrance of tea, scented tea.
  4. Drying and sterilization of chemical products such as silicon carbide, single crystal, and thermal insulation board.
  5. Wood and herbs’ insecticide, mold removal, drying, etc.

Industrial microwave equipment

Industrial microwave equipment is a kind of heating method that completely different from other conventional heating. It relies on objects to absorb microwave energy, converted into heat, heating the whole thing at the same time.


Conventional heating is based on the principles of heat conduction, convection, and radiation, which transfer heat from the outside to the material. The heat is always transferred from the surface of the material to the interior of the material. There is inevitably a temperature gradient in the material, so the heated material is not uniform, resulting in local overheating of the material.

Microwave heating technology differs from traditional heating methods in that it generates “internal frictional heat” through the high-frequency reciprocating motion of dipole molecules within the heated body, which raises the temperature of the heated material without the need for heat transfer processes.

The material is heated both internally and externally at the same time. The heating speed is fast and even, and the heating purpose can be achieved only by a fraction or dozens of times of the traditional heating method’s energy consumption.


Industrial microwave equipment prospect  :

With the development of modern science and technology, the reliability and practicability of microwave equipment both improved well those years. Professional microwave manufacturer’s manufacturing technology also drives to maturity at a lower cost. Many microwave food pieces of equipment have the characteristic of simple operation, stable continuous working time, and easy maintenance. It has obtained wide attention as one way to realize green technology.