Industrial Microwave Shaping Equipment

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Industrial microwave shaping equipment is also called industrial microwave ceramic equipment. The new environmental protection shaping equipment researched and designed by the leader microwave equipment company is mainly used to mold and dry honeycomb ceramics, process ceramics, high-voltage insulating ceramics, and various kinds of ceramics.

Industrial sterilization equipment

So what are the differences between microwave styling equipment and conventional heating?

Conventional heating, such as flame, hot air, electric heating, and steam drying, all use the heat conduction principle. Heat is transferred from the outside of the object being heated to the inside, gradually raising the object’s central temperature, which is called external heating.

Microwaves can be heated both inside and out of an object at the same time. Molecules rub against each other to generate heat and generate their own heat.

10kw Microwave shaping equipment
20kw Microwave shaping equipment
30kw Microwave shaping equipment
Higher power can be customized

Features of industrial microwave finalizing equipment:

  • 1. The internal materials of the equipment are made of industrial stainless steel and equipped with thermal insulation board. It is suitable for a high percentage of water and longer drying time of materials.
  • 2. After finalizing and drying, the ceramic fiber still has the original shape and minimizes the discoloration without cracking.
  • 3. Faster drying and more efficient. Reducing energy consumption, automatic control of drying time, and heating time.
  • 4. The microwave ceramic setting machine also has the function of disinfection, which can significantly extend the storage time and prevent mildew.
  • 5. Less labor, simple operation, small workplace, no pollution, no noise.
  • 6. Free sample testing.

Product standard:

Automatic levelSelf-motionGuarantee1 Year
Production capacity500 kilogram/hourAfter-sales serviceField installation,debugging and training
HeadstreamChinese MainlandProduct nameIndustrial sterilization equipment
BrandLDControl SystemPLC
ModelLD – 60KWVHeadstreamJinan – Shandong – China
Voltage220V〜380Vcapacity600〜750 kilogram/ h
Size(L*W*H)12860 * 1060 *1750 mmFunctionSterilization
Weight2TAfter-sales serviceField installation, commissioning and tracking

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About the price of microwave drying machinery:

The price of our Leader’s microwave drying equipment is competitive, and the reasons are as follows:

First of all: Reducing manufacturing costs through the continuous absorption of domestic and foreign microwave drying technology experience and research. To reduce the manufacturing cost of powder microwave drying equipment, our elite engineers have been investing a lot of time in research and development of new models.
Now, we can build the whole machine faster. That is to say, compared with other manufacturers of drying equipment, our Leader has greatly reduced the manufacturing cost.

Secondly: the same quality, low price. As is known to all, price and quality are interrelated. You can’t just consider buying the cheapest microwave powder dryer, you should make quality your primary consideration. A leader’s powder drying equipment and other Industrial sterilization equipment may not be the cheapest, but we promise you that our machines will have a longer service life.

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