Pickles sterilization

Pickles are fresh vegetables by the salt pickled pickles billet, reoccupy squeeze or soaked with water to reduce salinity method, pull out excess salt water (salt) in pickle billet, reduce the salinity of the billet. Then use different sauce (yellow soybean paste, sweet bean sauce, etc.) or soy to sauce, make the sauce of sugars, amino acids, aromatic gas seep into the pickle billet, to become a great taste. The rich nutrition of pickles, pickles contain lactic acid bacteria and other healthy substances, and also has a unique aroma, is loved by people all the year-round dish. Pickles in the … Read more

Iran Vacuum Microwave Drying Equipment case

The customer’s raw material is saffron. The essential requirement is that the freshwater content should be about 85%, and the dried water content should be about 9% after drying. About 76% of the water should be removed. Due to the small output of customers, only 15 kg per hour of wet material production requirements. Since saffron is a valuable medicinal ingredient, the client rejected the idea of a hot air circulation oven. Therefore, we recommend a vacuum microwave box dryer to the customer. Because vacuum microwave dryer is more efficient than general microwave equipment, basically 1KW magnetron can dry 1.2kg of water per hour. So we recommended … Read more

Shandong Weifang Microwave Water Retention Agent Drying Equipment

The water-retaining agent equipment of Weifang customers in Shandong province is 38 meters long and 1.85 meters wide. The current power is 100KW, but the whole equipment is designed according to 150KW power, convenient for later equipment upgrading. The water-retaining agent’s initial moisture is about 20%, and the client’s process requires drying to about 7%-8%. The water-retaining agent is dried and then granular through a granulator. The drying temperature of the product should not be too high, so the equipment design is longer than the conventional equipment. The temperature should be controlled, which is similar to the microwave sterilization equipment. … Read more

Inner Mongolia customer baking ripening experiment

Sun, from Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia, grows purple kidney beans in large quantities. Due to the good yield, sun plans to conduct further processing of purple kidney bean. The preliminary idea is to grind it after baking or as one of the raw materials for instant eight treasure gruel. Because microwave curing and baking equipment do not need the heating process of heat conduction, so the heating and baking time is very fast. The microwave acts on both the inside and outside of the material. The high-frequency oscillation of water molecules and materials increases rapidly, which promotes its maturation. Microwave baking is widely used in … Read more