Microwave Tunnel Conveyor

Processing Video Processing PDF The microwave tunnel conveyor line is a kind of mechanical equipment that is driven by friction to transport materials continuously. It can not only finish the transport of defective materials but also can be made into the transport of complete goods. It can meet the requirements of the processing process of each enterprise and establish a rhythmic production line. Therefore, a microwave tunnel conveyor belt is widely used in all kinds of manufacturing enterprises. It is an indispensable key component in automatic devices and modern assembly lines in various industries. The Leader adopts high-quality alloy steel … Read more

Industrial Microwave Shaping Equipment

Price List Processing Video Processing PDF Industrial microwave shaping equipment is also called industrial microwave ceramic equipment. The new environmental protection shaping equipment researched and designed by the leader microwave equipment company is mainly used to mold and dry honeycomb ceramics, process ceramics, high-voltage insulating ceramics, and various kinds of ceramics. Industrial sterilization equipment So what are the differences between microwave styling equipment and conventional heating? Conventional heating, such as flame, hot air, electric heating, and steam drying, all use the heat conduction principle. Heat is transferred from the outside of the object being heated to the inside, gradually raising … Read more

Industrial Sterilization Equipment

Processing Price List Video Processing PDF Industrial sterilization equipment is used for sterilization of food, drugs, chemicals, and other product. Compared with traditional mechanical equipment, the biggest highlight of industrial sterilization equipment is that it does not need professional control and can automatically complete the work in the whole sterilization process. Of course, high productivity is the machine’s biggest advantage. Therefore, it is favored by customers all over the world. Industrial sterilization equipment Industrial sterilization is one of the most important solutions to achieve insecticidal sterilization and preservation of food, and industrial sterilization equipment appears over time. The Leader is … Read more