Microwave Food Puffing Equipment

Price List Processing Video Processing PDF Microwave food puffing equipment is used to produce puffed food. The production process of the machine includes material mixing, extrusion molding, drying, and packaging. Depending on customer requirements, the fryer can be either a continuous fryer or a tip pan fryer. The output can be configured according to different requirements of customers with twin screw and host size. Our leader microwave equipment company can provide you with high quality, competitive price, and perfect service. Over the years, we have been focusing on microwave food extruder and Microwave vacuum machinery. The leader equipment company machinery … Read more

Microwave Vacuum Equipment

Processing Price List Video Processing PDF Microwave Vacuum Equipment Mechanical Overview: brand Leader capacity 500KG/ h dominant power 15kw certification CE / ISO / SGS Microwave vacuum machinery is a new type of microwave energy application equipment that combines microwave energy technology with vacuum technology. It has a series of advantages of microwave and vacuum drying and overcomes the disadvantages of conventional processing techniques such as long cycle and low efficiency. The working efficiency is 4~10 times higher than the conventional method. The advantage of Microwave vacuum equipment product: 1. Various parameters can be adjusted to meet the needs of … Read more

Microwave Sterilizing Equipment

Processing Price List Video Processing PDF Microwave sterilization is one of the critical solutions for food to achieve insecticidal sterilization and preservation. Microwave sterilization equipment appears over time. The Leader is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave equipment, and this equipment is our key product. Over the past ten years, this machine has been sold to various regions through our efforts. Microwave equipment in Brazil/Microwaves equipment was sent to Algeria/Microwave equipment in Libya Why do we need a microwave sterilization? Because food in the production, preservation, transportation, and marketing process easily contaminated spoilage. Usually, we need to use … Read more

Microwave Extraction Equipment

Processing Price List Video Processing PDF Microwave extraction refers to the technology and method of extracting various chemical components from plants, minerals, and animal tissues in a microwave reactor with appropriate solvents. This industrial microwave equipment is your trusted microwave extraction equipment based on production efficiency and output. Our Leader machinery can provide you with high quality, competitive price, and perfect service. Leader machinery has mastered the advanced technology of manufacturing machines. Over the years, we have focused on researching and developing microwave extraction equipment, microwave drying equipment, and other microwave machinery. At the same time, we can adjust and … Read more