A good jasmine flower really can make you beautiful

Summer is coming, are the little fairies ready for the season? Let’s drink jasmine tea to become a slim beauty.

Jasmine flower buds and petals are the parts to drink as a tea. It has the functions of dispersing stagnated liver, regulating the stomach, relieving depression, moistening dryness, and relaxing bowels. It is beneficial to women’s reproductive function and can effectively alleviate the pain of the period. Drinking with pink rose has a good slimming effect.

Microwave greening and drying machine

So how is jasmine tea processed? The crucial process is green removing, and drying. The microwave drying machine is a new type of flower tea processing equipment.

There are many ways to remove water, including fried green, steamed green, baked green, brewed green, and radiated green.

Steamed Green

Steaming uses steam to destroy the enzyme activity in fresh leaves. The scent is more sultry and green, and the taste is also bitter. It is not as refreshing as the green tea in the wok, and because the steam moisture content is high, the surface of the raw material is affected by high temperature.

The tea leaves after green removal are basically no weight loss, the local chlorophyll is destroyed, the nutrients contained by raw materials outflow with the condensed water, and the quality is not good.

Microwave greening and drying machine

Fried Green

At present, the usually fried greenway in the production uses the micro-fire to make the tea wither in the pot, artificially brewing the tea leaves to evaporate water quickly, blocking the process of tea fermentation. The essence of the tea can be totally preserved.

Common notes of roasting in rolls :

1. Right quantity of leaves. Too much, fry unevenly and heat slowly; too little ,heat quickly and leaves easy to burn.

2. Both the process of putting in and putting out the leaves should be fast so that the degree of fried green is the same.

3. The air volume should be appropriate. If the water content is high, the fermentation is not enough, or the amount of leaves is high, the air should be properly introduced; if the water content is small, the amount of leaves is small, and the fermentation is sufficient, the air should be less or not.

In short, conventional thermal drying equipment uses heat conduction, convection, or radiation to transfer heat from the surface of the food to the interior. If the desired level of baking is reached, it often takes a long time and a lot of manpower.

Microwave greening and drying machine

The principle of Microwave greening and drying machine:

Microwave greening and drying machine use microwave thermal effect and biological effect to dehydrate, soften tissue, evaporate grass taste and inactivate enzyme activity under low-temperature conditions (60-80 degrees Celsius) so that the raw material components are not damaged by high temperature. Fast and efficient, the cost advantage is 30% lower than the traditional green removing process.

Microwave greening and drying machine

Advantages of microwave green remove:

  1. Fast and efficient. Microwave drying is a direct interaction between microwave sources and microorganisms, such as food and water molecules. Thermal effects work together with non-thermal effects, the time it takes to process raw materials is greatly reduced.
  2. Sterilization. The microwave dryer can also sterilize the raw materials while drying so that it meets the national standards. This is a unique advantage that similar equipment does not have.
  3. The equipment is healthy and environmentally friendly. The facility will not produce any harmful substances and will not form high temperatures.
  4. Simple operation. The tea microwave dryers all use PLC full touch screen control, which has lower technical requirements for operators.
  5. Lower labor cost. A mature factory area can complete all operations by one person.

The practice has proved that the flower products made by the microwave water-removing drying machine are obviously superior to the traditional facilities in terms of appearance color, tea color, and fragrance. The tea products are beneficial to storage and popular among customers in the market, it is also a big jump for the tea machine industry.

It is beneficial to manufacturers to improve product quality, build brands, enlarge market influence and competitiveness, and build energy-saving enterprises. It is the preferred green processing equipment.