Microwave Food Puffing Equipment

1.Microwave expansion equipment heating speed is fast.

2.A wide range of materials is available.

3.Protect the environment.

4.The puffing effect is obvious.

5.Microwave equipment is easy to operate.

Along with the progress of the times, all walks of life are booming, and more and more processing enterprises need to use the microwave vacuum dewatering machine in the processing of some materials. The microwave vacuum dewatering machine adopts the microwave as the energy source, and the material is dried, heated, cooked, disinfected, unfrozen, dehydrated and inactivated.
Microwave sterilization is a new technology with high efficiency, energy saving, stability, reliability, simple equipment and convenient operation.The characteristics of microwave sterilization machineare continuous production of equipment, only need electricity, do not need other energy, can quickly kill the bacteria in the material.

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